Mobility in France : day 3

Today, 21st of March, we visited “Savonnerie Marseillaise de la
Lincorne”, the home of the famous soap of Marseille.
There are 5 establishments, all located in Marseille and it became a
very successful business through their experience of 3 generations.
The soap was born in Marseille, from the Prehistory age.
Colbert (the economic minister of Louis XIV) on 17th century
introduced the use of vegetable fat only and he prohibited the use of
animal’s fat. Nowadays, 72% of olive oil or other types of vegetal
oils are guaranteed in the soap. The main ingredients are oil, soda
and essential oils, honey and lavender flowers.
They showed us how soaps are made. Firstly the oil is mixed with soda,
then the soap is crushed with a granted rolling mill to smoothen the
texture and secondly the ingredients were mixed and integrated into
the soap composition. Lastly, the obtained product is put into a
polder to compact it. The soap bar is then cut and manually stamped or
We all created our personalized soap by cutting the soap bar and we
really enjoyed it!
After the visit, we proceed our program to the soap’s museum where we
had the possibility to know the history and the evolution of the soap.
Since the weather was bad, we had to return to the school and in the
remaining time we played football, ping pong with our friends and
teachers until the lunch break. For the last 4 hours, we worked for
our companies presentations.

Ericka Magnaye, Silvia Bonini and Diana Matira

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