Day 6: sightseeing in DC

Nous partons toute la journée à la découverte de Washington.

Our day by Alexis Juskiwieski

“Today we have a big day ! In the morning we took the scool bus. When we joined the teachers we got on a limousine bus tout go tout Washington DC ! Half an hour later, we arrived at the first monument ! The Marine Corps Memorial which is really famous in the world ! So Faustine explained to the class all about this monument. Then we were dropped at Arlington Cemetery which is really big ! It was really impressive ! We walked in and we saw the tomb of John F Kennedy. After that, we visited the tomb of the unknow soldier and the changing of the guard.

We walked from the cemetery to the Lincoln Memorial and our long walk began! When we arrived, Fabien explained to us everything about the monument and Abraham  Lincoln. Then it was time for group pictures and lunch. We continued our Memorial visits with the Korean War Memorial where Alexandra did her oral presentation. My turn to present the Martin Luther King Jr monument before Mme.Enriquez did her presentation on the Roosevelt Memorial. We took some really cool pictures there. 
Audrey explained everything about the Jefferson Memorial and the last presentation of the day was Baptiste’s at the Vietnam War Memorial. Our the end of this a big day  we will need to sleep a lot to recover from our 9km walk! ”

2 thoughts on “Day 6: sightseeing in DC

  1. Gaudry Catherine

    Merci les jeunes ! C’est sympas d’avoir de vos nouvelles et de voir que vous allez tous bien. Elles sont sympas les photos. Profitez bien !

    • Chantreuil

      Que du bonheur!!!

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