Day 13: Excursion in Georgetown and last day with the host families

Ce matin nous visitons le quartier de Georgetown et son université. Dernier après-midi parmi les familles.

Starting signal in the private limousine, heading for Georgetown.

Today, Wednesday, April 27th, 2016, we crossed our last visiting day to Georgetown, a very special district of Washington D.C, which looks a lot like an English neighborhood. How do I know? Because I visited London in 2014 during the last trip we did with Ms Enriquez.

We began with the very expensive private university of Georgetown which is especially very beautiful and huge. It looks like Howgarts castle in the Harry Potter series. Then we left to visit the rest of the district and to buy beautiful souvenirs in beautiful shops.

The teachers gave us some free time and a meeting point with a departure time. We went on with our favourite and  studious occupation, as every teenager: shopping !

We spent more or less two hours together in a BIG group to go shopping or  exchanging about our experience lived during these two weeks. We admired the beauty of this district mattering in the American History.

It was a wonderful trip thanks to the beautiful landscapes and relationships, the experience itself, the very pleasant families and attentive teachers, always ready to listen to us. I just hope that, next year, other students will be able to get the great opportunity of coming here. Some are sad to leave and would like to stay a little longer but others want to go back to France.

I know that I will keep very good memories despite being hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, windy, rainy, we always kept smiling. We learnt lots of things during this trip.

We saw the famous memorials: the brave soldiers raising the American flag in the Korean War Memorial, the gigantic statue of Abraham Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial without forgetting the Vietnam and the WWII memorials, the Martin Luther King Memorial and the magnificent museums full of knowledge. We also attended an American high school for two days and we adapted ourselves to the school schedule and the American way of life.

We were amazed and awfully surprised by their dress codes: flip-flops, mini shorts, pyjamas to go to school without forgetting the pillow, the cover and the cell-phones on the tables…Some of us adjusted better than the others.

We also had the chance to visit the Cemetery of Arlington with its silence and its symbolic trees, the White House visiting venter and its policemen. Unfortunately, we did not see Barack Obama but perhaps one day we will see him behind the wheel of a car or a simple tourist in Marseilles…

The Old Town Alexandria was silent, magnificent and it is a quite brick-built city.

We had a very beautiful week end with our families. Very enriching, filled with happiness and with new developments. We went shopping in malls bigger than a neighborhood.

The International Spy Museum with its interactive games shows us how to become a spy without anybody spotting us.

The Capitol was awesome with its paintings and its carving, the National Archives Museum keeps precious documents such as the Declaration of Independance,  thé Constitution and thé Bill of Rights.

We were able to complete our knowledge with orals prepared by each of our companions during the visits.

The Natural History Museum, the Museum of the American History, the Air and Space Museum are fantastic museums with interesting exhibitions.

During the three-day week end,  some went to other States to visit universities, others left to New York City or Philadelphia to go sightseeing and discover its secrets, to do some shopping and especially to see the famous statue of Rocky… I wanted to see Rocky’s statue I… They didn’t take me with them, there was no room left in the car…

Tomorrow, it is our last day in America, we will visit a museum in the morning and we’ll wisely go to wait for our plane which will fly us back to France.

We met very kind people in America and I hope that we will see them again one day.

It was my last report.

PS: We’ll not forget all the Japanese with their Selfie Sticks who took 46 billion pictures and, in the end, They did not éventuellement keep one  ! Huh ?

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