Day 11: excursion to DC

Changement de programme aujourd’hui. Nous n’allons pas au centre commercial d’outlets mais à Washington toute la journée pour continuer nos visites..

My day by Baptiste Gaudry

“Today we could see the two facades of the White House and it was amazing! And very important for us, we could not come to Washington without seeing the famous presidential house. We were fascinated by the security around this building, there were the Secret Service agents posted around the fence, by their car and there even were snippers at the top of the building.

Then, we went to the visitors’ center which is a museum about the White House and the American presidents. It was very interesting because we had all the story and a video with the testimony of some great presidents and their First Ladies. In this video we could also have a virtual visit of the White House.

Later in the morning, we have visited the National Archives of the United States. In this place, we can see some very important documents in the American History such as the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutions and the Bill of Rights. In the exhibition hall, we were able to see an exhibition of some very important events: the right to vote for the women, the Civil Rights amendments the famous speech of Martin Luther King Jr at the Lincoln Memorial.

For lunch, we had a picnic on the Mall and during the meal a cute squirrel came to visit us. And I think that thanks to Audrey, the squirrel has had enough food for the next winter. It was so funny!

After lunch, we went to the Air and Space museum; it is my favorite museum for the moment. It is about the history of aviation (the first plane by the Wright brothers, WWI, WWII, Cold War, currently,…) and space ( Apollo, rockets, spatial shuttles, astronauts food, the first monkey and man in the space, lunar module,…). There I touch a trust piece of moon! It was weird!!!!

When we came out, we headed for the Natural History museum. I visited one room about the mammals, one room about sea life, the dinosaurs and the minerals and meteorites. I liked it because I had never seen trust meteorites and it had other pieces of moon but I could not touch them!

In this evening, I attended my fifth match of baseball, it was at West Springfield High School (SPARTANS) against South County High School (Stallions). Now, I am a supporter of the Spartans! But today they lost 3 to 7! I was very sad for my host student. I like baseball matches because I can speak with news American teenagers, it is so funny and crazy sometimes!!”


Notre petite copine, Mme écureuil qui est venue nous réclamer de la nourriture à l’heure du déjeuner.


One thought on “Day 11: excursion to DC

  1. Cypers

    Super voyage!!!! Profitez bien de chaque moment….

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